How to Re-open an Appointment


Sometimes an appointment could be cancelled in error. Instead of starting a new appointment, you can re-open this appointment and get confirmations for the showing. You can reopen:
  • cancelled/declined appointments
  • requested cancellation(when SA cancels)
  • cancelled - call to agent need(listing side cancels)

The Re-Open Appointment button will appear on the activity menu of the appointment. You can also add internal notes when you re-open an appointment.

When the user clicks the Reopen appointment button they will be asked: "Who Called." They will be able to select either the listing agent, showing agent, or owner/occupant.

The Activity log will show an entry to mark the re-opening of the appointment. You will see an entry like:
"3:57 PM Tue, 8/01 PENNY MACKAY (Listing Agent) (123) 456-7890 called Katie and re-opened the cancelled appointment."

Then you will have the option to update the time and/or date of the appointment.

Note: Some items will not be editable. Buyers information, agency type, and the appointment type are examples.

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