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Agent Caravan


When an agent is showing one of your listings, you want that property they show to be the perfect one for them. However, we know that the difference in a feature like having a fireplace or a pool can make a possible sale a real sale. When the buyer asks the questions about those missing features, your agents can benefit from knowing if a coworkers listing is a better match.

Showing your agents these listings in advance with an Agent Caravan is a great way to show the listings and get a little feedback at the same time. Unlike a normal showing, the feedback provided could offer key improvement suggestions to help that home get sold faster from a realtor's perspective.

You can schedule an office-wide agent preview view the listings as a team. During the Caravan, listing agent's provide access to the properties, and afterward, feedback requests go out to all of the agents who attended.

Some caravans will be entered after they occur so that it will be known which agents showed up for which stops. The listing agent will need to inform owners of the caravan ahead of time because they ignore restrictions, blocks, and lead time rules, as well as the schedules of the invited agents.

As a Manager or Staff member in Front Desk, you will have the option to schedule two different types of caravans:During this process, it will be necessary to make sure that all agents invited to the caravan have a valid email address.

If the agents do not have a valid email, then as the person scheduling this caravan, you will receive all the requests for feedback.

Please Note: Email addresses will be required in order for feedback to be sent. An agent caravan will not show up in the Listing Activity Report, Showings I've Requested Report or any scheduling calendars. All agents attending the caravan and the listing agents that are featuring homes in this trip should have a valid email address.

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