Showings I Have Requested (Agent Only)


This report allows agents to easily review all appointments they have scheduled with any office using ShowingTime products.

Step 1:

Choose Reports from the Menu

Step 2:

Choose the Showings I have Requested Report 

Step 3: Sort By Date

Step 4: Optionally map your appointment route

This report can be filtered by the Buyer's name for a quick way to see the homes you have shown them.

An agent will be able to see:
  • Listing ID The listing's multiple listing service identification number(s)
  • Address - The listing's street address (including city)
  • Appointment Status - The status of the showing, (Cancelled, Confirmed, etc)
  • Date - The date that the showing will take place
  • Start Time - The time the appointment will start
  • End Time - The time the appointment will end
  • Buyer - The name of the buyer that will accompany the agent
  • Attachments - A button to view any relevant attachments for the showing
  • Action Buttons - Buttons to view or modify the showing request

Note: This report is only available to those with an agent level role.

On mobile

You can toggle between those showings that have Past or those that are Upcoming.

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