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If an agent has shown your property or called you directly for a showing and hasn't gone through the normal process of scheduling a showing through ShowingTime, you might want that agents' appointment to show up on the report. ShowingTime has added the ability to manually add activities to your Listing Activity Report. These activities can range from Showings, Previews, Inspections, & Appraisals.

Adding Activities

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Step 1

Click on the Add Activity action button located on the left side

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Step 2

Select the Type of Activity that you want to manually add to the report

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If an appointment is added and is within the last 7 days, a feedback request will also be sent to the showing agent.

Step 3

Choose the Date & Time Range of the activity

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Step 4

If it is an activity involving a specific agent you will need to type in the agent's name and search for that agent

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Step 5

Add any Notes if they apply

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Step 6

Click Save and the activity will be added to your report

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