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The listing worksheet is the best place to define who should be contacted and what should happen when appointments are requested on listings. The easiest way to reduce the steps required of a listing agent to get showings confirmed is to add co-listing agents, homeowners and tenants as ‘listing contacts’. Listing contacts are not restricted to just agents and sellers: office administrators, property managers and other contacts can also be added to listings. Keeping listing worksheets up to date will:
  • Make the appointment confirmation process clear
  • Provide up-to-date notes for showing agents
  • Send correct showing instructions for confirmed appointments
  • Honor lead times and blocked-out times to accommodate sellers

Contact Methods

ShowingTime has many options available in regards to communication methods. We provide agents with the following methods to be informed of Showings or informed of Confirmed or Cancelled appointments.

  • Phone
    Call notifications will appear on the scheduling screens when required in the scheduling process. if a call is placed but the contact was not reached, the system will prompt you to choose a time to try calling again later.

  • Email **
    Email notifications require a valid email address to be set up - for the agent in their profile or through their MLS, and for owner/occupants through the Contact Details section. Emails will be sent out automatically during the scheduling process.

  • Text Message **
    Also known as known as SMS (Short Messaging Service), text notifications will also be sent automatically during the scheduling process. All ShowingTime customers will have two-way SMS. Notifications of appointments & status are sent instantaneously, in which these messages can be replied to with either a 'Y' to confirm a showing, or 'N' to decline a showing.

  • Push Notification
    Push Notifications are a style of Internet-based communication. Push notifications allow ShowingTime to send requests, status' of appointments, as well as any other message pertaining to a showing or feedback, directly to your phone to keep you informed.
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Contact Management

Can Confirm Appts By
This section allows you to configure any contacts method of notification when appointments are scheduled. Options are dependent on the appointment type selected.
  • Confirm Appointments
    This allows you to configure contact notifications for which the contact needs to be part of the confirmation process.

  • Send FYI
    Allows you to configure any contact to receive notification of a scheduled appointments for which the contact is not needed for the confirmation process

  • Send nothing for new requests
    Allows you to configure the contact to not receive any form of notification when appointments are requested.
Notify of Confirmed/Cancelled Appts By
This section allows you to configure any contacts method of notification when appointments have been confirmed or cancelled.

Accompanied Showings

When your listing is set for an accompanied showing, it will look a little bit different. You will still be able to choose how you wish to be notified. You will also see the Initial and Final confirmation indicators.

Note: Accompanied Showings is an optional feature. This setting may not appear on your Listing Worksheet.


A quick explanation of how contacts will be handled with the current configuration

Advanced notifications alert selected listing contacts when an appointment request is in danger of being missed, declined, or cancelled.

Allows you to add a Co-Listing Agent to your listing. Agents will only be available if they are located in the same office.

Allows you to add a Seller or Tenant to the listing.

Management Buttons

These buttons are used for moving contacts to adjust the call order when the Appointment Center calls for confirmation.


Used to deleted contacts from a listing or an exception. Contacts can only be removed from the listing if they are not associated with an exception.

Used to edit a contact's details. See the Editing Contacts section below.

Used to move contacts between units for listings configured as multi-unit.

Editing Contacts

Call notifications will be prompted in the order that the contacts' phone numbers are listed on this form.

Enabling & Disabling Text Messaging

Text Messaging options will only show when a contact has a phone number and the phone type has been changed to "Mobile Phone"

Enabling & Revoking ShowingTime App Access

Mobile App access can only be provided to sellers or tenants if we have a valid email address on file due to the authentication process involved. Once they have used the authentication links provided in the email, their devices will show up under the Devices section. Sellers & tenants are not restricted to the number of devices they can have authenticated at one time. It should be known that if there are multiple contacts for a listing, it's better that each contact is listed independently so proper logging is associated with that contact with any action they take to confirm, cancel, or decline appointments.

In order to revoke access to a specific device, click on the Remove ShowingTime Access For This Device button.

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