Listing Configurations & Settings

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The left side of the Listing Worksheet consists of your listing photo, listing basics, and commonly used tools for your listing.

The Listing Photo: 

Listing Photos are imported from the MLS. You will be presented 2 buttons located on the bottom right corner of your listing photo.
  1. For changing your photo
  2. For deleting your photo
Listing Basics:
Below that you will have listing basics, which includes the listings address, MLS number, MLS status, and price.

Listing Options:

Prints a hard copy of the details of your listing.

Archive the listing if it's no longer needed or has expired. 

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It allows you to combine listings. Merged listings have combined showing activity. 

Related Page: Listing Worksheet > Merge

It allows you to take the current showing instructions and copy them to another listing.

Takes you to a report which consists of listing feedback, activity, & additional options driving those 2 sections

Related Page: Reports > Listing Activity Report

Allows you to send price adjustment emails, & other various notifications related to your listing for agents who have shown it.

Related Page: Reports > Listing Activity Report > Send Notifications

A log that contains all details about changes made for the life of the listing.

Allows you to attach additional information to the listing. Items attached to a listing will be emailed to any agent who schedules an appointment on that listing.

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