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May 2019 - New Sidebar, Buyers, and more...

My Home by ShowingTime Now with Tour Info for Buyers

Our research has shown that 8/10 clients who are selling their home are buying their new home with the same agent. My Home by ShowingTime provides buyers with a view of their upcoming tour. This includes the appointment status, date/time of the appointment, driving directions, and a simple way to connect with their agent only.

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ShowingTime Buyers Highlights
Buyers Guide To ShowingTime 
As a reminder, adding details about your buyer to a showing is an optional feature and ShowingTime never shares this information with anyone else. An agent’s client is private to that agent only.

Never Miss A Showing with Overnight Notifications

You have the option to receive text messages and push notifications 24/7 or only between the hours 8am-8pm local time.
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Select Your Linked Profile’s Primary MLS

Choosing your Primary MLS will determine which set of contact information to display in your ShowingTime email signatures as well as determine which set of default notification preferences to use.

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October 2018 - ShowingTime Secure Access

  • Secure access granted to the showing agent during a limited time window on the date/time of the confirmed appointment
  • A full account of lockbox activity within your Listing Activity Report (LAR)

How do I configure my listings for secure access?

More integrations coming soon

June 2018 - Unified Message Center

All your messages in one place

Ever needed to chat with a listing agent of an appointment from a few weeks ago and don't want to go through your list to remember the listing? Now with the unified message center, you can see all of your messages at a glance. You can still access your messages from directly in the appointment but you can also use the unified message center. Over time, we will be introducing more messaging features to the center. Stay tuned!

February 2018 - Agent Caravan

Agent Caravan

When an agent is showing one of your listings, you want that property they show to be the perfect one for them. However, we know that the difference in a feature like a having a fireplace or a pool can make a possible sale a real sale. When the buyer asks the questions about those missing features, your agents can benefit from knowing if a coworkers listing is a better match.

September 2017 - Enhanced Access Details

Access Details

It’s easy for listing agents to update showing instructions when confirming an appointment. Review the access details to either add or edit the information as needed. Details added will be saved for future appointment requests.

   July 2017

Keep Your Profile Up to Date

Keeping your notification settings and profile details current and up to date is quick and easy. Options such as default appointment settings, preferred listing notification methods and setting up an automatic calendar sync between your personal calendar and your ShowingTime appointments keeps you in control. Review your profile today.

   June 2017

Mobile App Improvements

Scheduling appointments while out with clients should be a fast and easy process. We regularly incorporate agent feedback to help us identify ways to increase speed and add simplicity. Agents benefit from having to tap just a few appointment settings, which saves time. More showings mean your listing is being exposed to more home-buyers, which should lead to the best outcome for your sellers in the least amount of time.

   May 2017

Reducing Homeowners' Stress

With our enhanced mobile Listing Activity report, it's easy for agents to keep their sellers informed about activity on their listings. The showing trend chart can help ease homeowner stress, which often accompanies the home selling process. And feedback-at-a-glance graphs can help start the conversation about a price adjustment or about necessary updates to the home.

If sellers have additional questions about appointments, the Appointment History Log provides detailed answers.

   April 2017

Spring Cleaning, Planning, & Adding Listing Contacts

Spring cleaning and planning is in full force. This month we’ve added two new features:
  1. An “Out of Office” message to help you communicate your hours.
  2. The ability to add multiple email addresses so entire teams can receive appointment notifications.
We’re planning a few larger improvements to be released in the coming months.

   March 2017

New Appointment Types

Appointment Types for Every Situation

Quick and efficient communications about the purpose of scheduled appointments can determine whether an appointment is confirmed or cancelled. With our latest update, we have added more appointment types for both you and requesting agents to choose from, including:
  • Walk-Through
  • Radon Drop Off
  • Site Measurements for inspections

   February 2017

No Connection, No Problem!

Do you continue to print your showing instructions in fear that you will not have access to the internet on your mobile device?

With our latest update, you can quickly download all showing instructions for your upcoming confirmed appointments before you head out with your clients.

   January 2017

Welcome to 2017!

2016 has been an exciting year for ShowingTime clients! As always, thanks for all your feedback, which helps us create new features and add improvements that lead to an even better experience for you.

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