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Setting up your SentriLock Lockboxes

When you assign a lockbox to a listing, activity from that lockbox is recorded in the SentriLock system's access log. If that lockbox is also listed on the ShowingTime Listing Worksheet, access codes can be generated.

The information below is for reference only and may differ from your installation. When in doubt please contact SentriLock.

You can watch a video of the process here.

Step 1

On the Main Menu, click My Lockboxes:

Click the image for the full size.

Step 2

This screen will be displayed:

Click the image for the full size.

Step 3

Use the Search Field drop-down menu to select Lockbox Serial Number.

Step 4

Use the Search Type drop-down menu to select matches.

Step 5

In the Search Value text box, enter the lockbox serial number. Then click Search.

Step 6

The following screen will be displayed, showing the serial number of the lockbox you would like to assign to the listing:

Click the image for the full size.

Step 7

Under Serial Number, click the serial number.

Step 8

Your lockbox’s information will be displayed on the Edit Lockbox screen. To assign the lockbox to the listing, click Select:

Click the image for the full size.

Step 9

The Listings screen will be displayed. Click the button next to the desired listing and click Submit Changes. Verify the listing MLS number matches what ShowingTime and the MLS have for your listing.

Click the image for the full size.

Step 10

The Edit Lockbox screen will be displayed again, showing your listing. Click Save Changes:

Click the image for the full size.

Step 11

The designated lockbox is now assigned to your listing. You’ll receive a message across the top of the Main Menu confirming that your lockbox information has been updated:

Click the image for the full size.

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